How one of Sweden’s largest department stores crushed their automation goals

Höga volymer av inkommande ärenden på hemsidan

Telefon och email var de största kanalerna för kundservice

Majoriteten av frågorna hade enkla svar

The results

35 000 chats handled in the first two weeks

We launched during Black Week 2021 and from day 1 we saw a huge amount of traffic coming to the chat.

The total cost decreased by 30%

As a large part of the support was automated, the total cost was reduced by 30% including all costs of the service.

Human handling reduced by 70%

With the bot being able to help most customers, there was a significant reduction in human handling.

4/5 customer satisfaction

Automation and reduced costs in all glory - but customer satisfaction never ceases to be one of the most important metrics when it comes to customer service solutions. And since Rusta launched their chatbot Christina it has received an average customer satisfaction score of 4 out of 5.

Chatboten har revolutionerat vårt sätt att interagera med kunder och hantera ärenden. Den har gjort oss mer tillgängliga, förenklat ärendehantering och möjliggjort fler ’one touch resolutions’

Dino Burazer

Store system Specialist, Rusta

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