How Outnorth delivers expert advice at scale with AI-powered Product Finders.

About Outnorth

With a mission to inspire outdoor activities, a well-selected product range, and an unceasing focus on sustainability -- Outnorth is today one of Scandinavia's leading e-commerce in outdoors & sports equipment.

Beyond their commitment to delivering the best of Scandinavian Outdoors, Outnorth has an unrelenting dedication to providing customers with expert advice, personalized support, and a first-class shopping experience.

The results

35% higher AOV (average order value)

Thanks to the Product Finders, Outnorth has seen a significant increase in both the average order value and conversion rate. Customers who have completed one of the guides have an AOV that is 35% higher, demonstrating the powerful impact of the Product Finders in driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Valuable consumer insights

Besides providing customers with the tools to make better-informed purchase decisions, the Product Finders have resulted in a new way of collecting customer feedback.

Achieving expert position

One of the most important outcomes of guided selling is that the product finders have made it possible for Outnorth to differentiate themselves from competitors as experts in the outdoors & sports segment. The finders enable Outnorth to provide customers with on-demand expert advice comparable to a brick-and-mortar store. But at scale and online.

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