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Provide better service experiences and cut operational costs with the Ebbot - the leading AI platform for automating services at scale.
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No more bad service

In a world where everyone expects great service but no one wants to wait for it - scaling service without overlooking quality can be challenging.
But not anymore.

Ebbot is here to rewrite the rulebook, to bring customer service back to what it should be - excellent. With Ebbot, it's finally easy for businesses to provide five-star service to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Fueled by Generative AI

Rescue your team from repetitive work

With generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), creating chatbots has never been easier. With our proprietary model, EbbotGPT, you can rapidly free your service team from answering the same questions over and over.

All you need to do is connect EbbotGPT with your website, help center, or knowledge base —  and in a few short minutes, your chatbot will be ready to handle almost 90% of incoming queries.

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Illustration of Ebbot being integrated with external systems.
Custom workflows & integrations

From answering to acting

Automating service become truly valuable when your chatbot can take on complex tasks beyond simple questions and answers.

With custom workflows and seamless integrations into most major CRM and case management systems, your chatbot transitions from an information provider to an actual doer.

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Live chat capabilities

Balance AI automation with human touch

While AI is great for most service tasks, sometimes people prefer talking to a human. Our market-leading live chat solution lets your team smoothly pick up where the chatbot leaves off.

Equipped with information already collected by the chatbot, fueled with smart power-ups and fully customizable styling, our live chat ensures a fantastic experience for both agents and users.

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Integrations free from headaches

Connect the chatbot with your existing systems
No tech expertise needed
Custom integrations available
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In any of these industries?
We've got your back.

Be more available

Make sure all visitors get what they came for with 24/7 support.

Reduce returns

Automatically help customers find the perfect products, lowering the chance of unnecessary returns.

Provide proactive support

Help customers before they know they need it. Reach out proactively and offer help based on their website behavior.

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Be more available

Give citizens service any time, any place.

Break language barriers

With a chatbot speaking multiple languages and live chat featuring real-time translations, you can smoothly navigate and prevent language-related misunderstandings.

Support everyone

Make sure everyone gets the same great service with a platform that meets all the accessibility standards.

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Be ready for anything

Gear up for sudden surges in support requests with a chatbot that easily manages even the biggest spikes.

Highlight operational status

Use the chat widget to display real-time alerts to visitors, keeping them informed during disruptions or outage updates.

Automate ticket handling

Automate making and bumping up tickets, keeping things smooth.

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Help residents help themselves

Let residents sort out common issues on their own, freeing up your agents to focus on the more complex cases.

Break down communication barriers

With a chatbot that knows over 80 languages and live chat with real-time translation, all residents get help in their preferred language.

Instant access to information

Make sure residents can get answers whenever they need them.

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Self-service that actually works

Assist customers with managing essential tasks like balance checks, card reporting, and mortgage management through clear, conversational guidance that feels human and is easy to follow.

Privacy & security first

Ensure a modern, secure experience for your customers, with a commitment to privacy and no dependence on third parties.

Help customers navigate

Guide customers effortlessly through your services, making navigating your services simple and intuitive

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