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If you’re looking for a place with an open-minded atmosphere, impeccable colleagues and a state of the art SaaS solution - Ebbot is the place for you!
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Who are we?

Artificial intelligence and future. Swedish tech company with some of the largest eCommerce stores in Sweden as customers. SaaS. Customer Experience. Conversion Rate Optimization. Machine Learning. Other buzzwords.

Now we start zooming in on what kind of company Ebbot is.

Too fuzzy? Okay then. Here's what we do in a sentence:

“Ebbot uses the latest Machine Learning technology and customer experience expertise to create magical customer journeys. "

We were founded in 2018. Today we are 30 people and we are growing like crazy. 🚀

Working at Ebbot is something I would recommend to everyone. Imagine the combination of a modern SaaS solution that really works, happy and satisfied customers and last but not least completely awesome colleagues... Well, you understand that this is a recipe for a good workplace.
Jenny Westman,

Account Executive

The Ebboteer way to get work done


Work is fun when things happen. We like to move fast. To move fast we’ve created a culture where everybody has the agency to make decisions and to take ownership of their own work.


Like engineers, we are not afraid to test things. We test everything, from product features and marketing strategies to ways of work and the people we select to work with. If something works, we keep it. If something doesn’t work, we are quick to discard it. Simple.


We believe the best work is done when the best life is lived outside of work. We need to rest to achieve our best (great rhyme). We create space to catch up with family, rest, and also do all the fun things life has to offer.

Backstage pass to the life of an Ebboteer

On our Instagram account you get to follow our Ebboteers. Take part of new customer alerts, gloat in backstage pictures from the office and whatever else nonsense the marketing team may be up to.