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Use our tools and expertise to strengthen your market offer and your clients' success. You handle the sales and onboarding, and we'll make sure you get all the support and resources you need along the way.

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Integrate Ebbot into your software to enhance your offerings, create lead funnels, and open up a world of new chances to wow clients – keeping them coming back for more.

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Share our generative AI platform with your customers and create a new significant revenue stream for your business. Easy to get started with no technical integrations needed.

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TOPdesk is an industry leader in IT Service Management, with over 8000 customers across 70 countries. Integrating Ebbot into the TOPdesk self-service portal allows support operators to take advantage of Ebbot's live chat and chatbot tools alongside their existing support tools. Resulting in faster and more efficient support without the hassle of switching between systems.

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Sitevision offers a powerful CMS for intranets and websites. Sitevision is the go-to CMS for municipalities in Sweden as well as many other organisations and businesses. With the help from Ebbot, visitors can easily find what they are looking for and quickly get the help they need. Adding Ebbot to your Sitevision environment is smooth sailing through the Sitevision Marketplace.

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Vitec fastighet is the leading supplier of business systems for the real estate industry in Sweden. Ebbot can be integrated with Vitec Arena and quickly and securely reduce the workload of the service team by automating frequently asked questions from residents — for example, a fully automated flow for reporting errors, rental AVIs, and more.

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Solution partners

IT Software

ITSoftware is a ITIL certified partner in digital renewal . ITSoftware offers Ebbot's services and performs customer implementations directly with the customer. IT Software is also the exclusive reseller of Topdesk in Sweden - a powerful combination of two competent systems.


ManachIT specializes in IT infrastructure solutions and services, delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses. By collaborating with Ebbot, ManachIT combines its expertise with intelligent automation, enabling organizations to optimize


Softronic is a prominent IT consultancy firm, offering comprehensive digital solutions to enterprises. With our collaboration, Softronic leverages Ebbot's automation capabilities to drive digital transformation, streamline operations, and enhance customer service excellence.

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1. Get ahead with the latest in AI technology.

At Ebbot, we're not just using AI; we're setting the standard for it. Our in-house GPT model makes generative AI quick, simple, and (most importantly) secure for businesses to use – making your offerings irresistible.

2. Leverage our deep expertise in AI & customer service.

In a world where everyone wants great service but no one wants to wait for it - scaling service without overlooking quality can be challenging. But not anymore. Together with us you can join us in rewriting the rulebook and bring customer service back to what it should be - excellent.

3. Grow together with mutual success as the goal

When we say partnership, we mean a collaboration that brings out the best in both of us. Your deep understanding of your customers, combined with our AI expertise, creates a synergy that leads to bespoke solutions that truly make a difference.

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