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Help customers find the right products online with the same level of service as a physical store.
Give customers expert advice
21% Avg. order value uplit
48% Conversion uplift
Make purchase decisions easier

Match visitors with products

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Give visitors expert level guidance 24/7 on your website. Our product finder is an easy way of boosting your website conversions, by recommending the right products and accessories for their needs.

The benefits of guided selling

More orders

Help customers find the right products for their needs, increasing the likelihood of conversion by 48% on average.

Larger orders

Make high-value purchase decisions on your website easier with expert product advice and suitable accessories.

Fewer returns

Significantly lower the risk of your customers returning items by helping them find the right ones for their needs.

Satisfied customers

Being happy with the purchase is the basis for customer loyalty. We provide you with the tools to surpass your customers expectations.

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Product Finder as a Service

We continuously release free features updates and optimize your existing experiences for great web performance.

Time efficient

Make updates or changes to your experience directly, without having to wait for your developers' next code deploy.

Why your customers will love it

Intuitive filtering

Filtering items using questions instead of product attributes removes knowledge barriers for new customers.

Limited selection

Narrowing down the selection reduces the risk of visitor choice paralysis, making it easier to complete purchases.

Easy to compare

Highlighting how well items match the visitors' answers about their purchasing needs increases their buying confidence.

Dynamic promotions rules

Take control of your sales by programming the AI to promote certain items based on your parameters of choice. Whether it's your own brand or based on stock levels.

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Easy to integrate with any platform

Works with any CMS or Shop system.
Copy/paste or plugin implementation.
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