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With customers like Jollyroom, Skincity & Outnorth -- Dialogtrail has really made a dent in the world of eCommerce.

Their dynamic product guides are a groundbreaking way for e-commerce businesses to help their customers find the right products based on more human values than just your regular hard filters.

For instance:

  • Shoes ---> Heel drop ---> How do you like to land when you run?
  • Washing machine ---> Drum capacity ---> How large is your family?

This more personal way of helping customers online is right down our alley, and has worked up a proven track record of increasing conversion rates, especially in times where customers are more careful about their purchases.

Combined with Dialogtrail, the Hello Ebbot Platform will truly be able to help businesses deliver amazing experiences throughout the entire customer journey!

Here are some words from our respective founders:

"I’m really excited to join forces with the talented team at Dialogtrail. Their product offering is one of a kind and a perfect match to our AI based chat and chatbot. I am sure that the future will be really exciting for our customers!” says Anders Clarin, CEO of Hello Ebbot

"Joining forces with Hello Ebbot feels amazing! We share a common vision of what a great customer experience should be like. Our combined technologies will undoubtedly shape the future of where conversational commerce is heading.” says Axel Hellström, CEO and co-founder of Dialogtrail

Axel Hellström (left) Anders Clarin (right)

For any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our CEO, Anders Clarin,+46 70 496 56 20)

Oliver Wirström
August 24, 2022