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Campfire AI, a Brussels-based conversational AI consultancy firm, has handpicked Ebbot as its new GenAI partner. From now on, Campfire AI will offer Ebbot’s services to all clients seeking to leverage GenAI in service automation.

Ebbot, known for its secure, AI-driven customer service automation platform, has become an attractive partner for consultancy firms looking to incorporate generative AI into their offerings and services. Unlike competitors that rely on API calls to general models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 or Google’s Gemini, Ebbot has developed its own large language model (LLM), fine-tuned for service. This approach not only ensures superior performance but also allows Ebbot to offer enterprises a fully EU-hosted GenAI option.

Ebbot’s secure and service-focused GenAI platform caught the attention of the consultancy firm Campfire AI. Based in Brussels but operating globally, Campfire AI is renowned for its expertise in assisting companies with AI strategies and chatbot implementation.

“We have a strict platform-vetting procedure and only work with the very best platforms for our clients and Ebbot is one of few that meets our high standards. With the combination of intent-based AI, generative AI, and live chat, Ebbot stands out from any other partner we have ever worked with,” says Tomas Staelens, CTO at Campfire AI.

Previously, Campfire AI offered GenAI capabilities to their clients via API calls to the LLMs, GPT-4 and Gemini. However, moving forward, Campfire AI will instead offer Ebbot’s services to provide a more robust platform with a wider range of GenAI capabilities to their clients.

Anders Clarin, CEO at Ebbot expresses his excitement about the partnership:

“We’re thrilled to be trusted by Campfire AI as their new AI partner and look forward to collaborating with such well renowned and experienced consultants in the world of service automation and conversational AI.”


Campfire AI, a Brussels-based conversational AI consultancy firm, has selected Ebbot as their new GenAI partner. This strategic partnership enhances Campfire’s offerings with a privacy-first, fully EU-hosted generative AI solution, while bolstering Ebbot’s presence in Western Europe.

About Campfire

Campfire AI is a Brussels-based conversational AI agency that helps companies worldwide support and engage with their employees and customers in a scalable manner using AI.

About Ebbot

Founded in 2018, Ebbot is a generative AI platform designed for fast, easy, and secure service automation. With extensive experience in customer service, powerful integrations, and a user-friendly platform, Ebbot helps companies automate service at scale with generative AI. The platform is currently used by major Swedish and international companies such as Compass Group, Rusta, NetOnNet, and Estrid, as well as several energy companies and municipalities.

Matilda Elfman
July 8, 2024